The school building is located in a pollution free area of Makarba, Near S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad. It is spread over an area of over 26000 sq. mt. with a total built-up area of over 1, 10,000 sq. ft. A rambling campus in picturesque surrounding with lush green lawns and gardens provides a refreshing environment, stimulating intellectual alertness, creativity and an exotic look. The school building has well planned activity centre, multipurpose hall, library, Computer Lab, Science Labs, Maths Lab, seminar halls, sports facilities and play ground. The campus is fully networked.

  • Smart Lab
    It is said, ‘A picture speaks thousand words’. Smart class, a modern technique to make learning fun and effortless, proves this saying when the children find and accept that a topic projected and elaborated by a smart class module is easy to understand and better to preserve in memory.

    The school, AVM, has three smart classes to enable the children to comprehend any topic to its depth and know about its real life application through various examples. "Visual literacy stems from the notion of images and symbols that can be read. Meaning is communicated through image more readily than print, which makes visual literacy a powerful teaching tool."
    "Direct vision is the
    first and final source
    of wisdom."
    The audio-visual clippings, animated clippings, documentaries, worksheets and questionnaires facilitate the learners to clarify their concepts. The teachers use the smart classes to the optimum as they compliment their effort too. The teachers are able to plan their lessons before hand and in a better way.


    The technology of SAS [Smart Assessment System] test has set up a balanced and relevant evaluation process. It has overcome the loopholes of traditional method of assessment. The students find the technique interesting as they get the result instantly while the teachers find it easy because it reduces their labour. Thus, the smart classes prove to be an additional and corresponding mode of making the teaching-learning process effective, interesting and flexible. Instead of the monotonous chalk and talk method, the smart classes are innovative, need of time and comprehensive.


  • Science Lab

    Junior science laboratory or composite laboratory.

    ‘Hands-on experiments are key to learn concepts effectively.’
    Adani Vidya Mandir has set up its science composite laboratory in accordance with the above statement.

    It caters to needs of students of classes 3 to 8. Students are required to visit the laboratory once in a week. Here, experiments are demonstrated by the teachers and observed and noted by the students.

    The laboratory has all models required to show human physiology. In addition, we have basic apparatus needed for physics and chemistry experiments.

    Std. 6 to 8 students have been provided with laboratory kits. They perform experiments in groups as well as individually. They are also encouraged to make models and charts relevant to the topic.

    Senior science laboratories

    Physics, chemistry and biology senior laboratories for teaching have been set up to provide required paraphernalia to the science students.
    Each laboratory is spacious, well equipped and caters to the needs of the syllabus and students.

    In these, each student has been given adequate space and instruments/apparatus. This is quite helpful to the young students in acquiring the skills of various laboratory techniques.

    In addition to this, students are provided with the latest updates and are encouraged to handle investigatory projects on their own. This helps school to imbibe skills like surveys, analysis, differentiation and conclusion in students.

  • Maths Lab
    Mathematics laboratory enables students to undertake various activities to discover and apply creativity for improving their all-round abilities related to math from 3rd to 10th standard. This strengthens their curriculum-based learning, creativity and group activity skill.

    Adani Vidya Mandir aims to achieve appreciation of mathematics by providing students with improve conceptualization.
    "Mathematics lab in
    Adani Vidya Mandir School –
    towards joyful learning."

    The salient features of mathematics lab of Adani Vidya Mandir are:

    It helps in understanding abstract concepts clearly.

    It saves certain lengthy explanations. It helps in developing the habit of verifications in the student; they accept mathematical truths only after testing their validity practically. It enables students to apply mathematical facts and principals in actual life.

    It enables the students to learn by practically doing the things and hence enabling them to retain concepts in their mind for longer time.

    It motivates students to explore/ discover new concepts in mathematics and related fields. In the process, they can also design their own experiments.

  • Computer Lab

    Today, it is impossible to reach everywhere physically to perform all tasks manually. This is a major concern for all to complete their individual tasks on time and also take care of both the areas of life i.e. professional and social.

    To accomplish this problem, God has gifted us technology. With the help of technology, especially computer systems, our burden of work has almost disappeared. Sitting with a desktop or a laptop, we can  accomplish most of our day to day routines like paying bills, meetings, newspaper reading, information gathering, shopping, etc. We in Adani Vidya Mandir have developed a high tech Computer Lab with 41 computer systems and all the necessary infrastructure for conducting classes from III to XI standards.

    We have dedicated a 2 Mbps lease line for internet connection. Students are allowed to access internet for their projects in different subjects and also for ICT (Information and Communication Technology) subject. They learn the importance of computer systems in human life. We can accommodate an entire class consisting of 40 students in Computer Lab at a time, where all students are given individual systems to work upon.

    The lab has an overhead projector for explanation purpose and also to show related videos for displaying the real world scenario. The Computer Lab is periodically maintained and also upgraded to the requirement of the curriculum suggested by CBSE. We have a client server infrastructure where data is stored in the central server.

    We provide latest technology to students so that they can upgrade their knowledge and keep in touch with the current scenario of technology.

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